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A Competition for
Growth and Innovation

My Role

2021 and 2022

StartUp is an annual, student run, week long design sprint hosted by FLUX-UX Club in collaboration with SCADpro. We are 7 years strong, and are bigger than ever. Each year we ask students to come together in teams and respond to a design prompt with a product or service. The catch is, they have to complete their entire entrepreneurial concept in just a week, and present in the form of a pitch deck to a panel of industry professionals at the end.

2021 Theme:

Think Global,
Act Local


COVID-19 presented some challenges with hosting such a large event, but nevertheless, we persisted with a goal of creating the best StartUp yet. Being virtual, StartUp 2021 was able to expand across both our Savannah, Atlanta and E-learning campuses and attract over 400 student participants.

In the wake of the pandemic, we’ve seen the economic downfall hit small businesses the most. Here at SCAD, we know that we have the skills as designers to lend a hand. That is why we introduced a second track within StartUp. Teams were still be able to go the original StartUp route by coming up with their own unique vision and concept, OR, they can choose to work with a local, minority-owned small business in either Atlanta or Savannah that has been affected by the pandemic. This track is set up in order to help aid these selected businesses with a variety of design options, such as marketing strategies, social media campaigns, layout solutions, and more!


The best part? At the end of the competition we raised nearly $100k, giving away $40k in student cash prizes and over $20k to those small businesses, as well as all of the student designs.

StartUp 2021 was our biggest year yet, reaching over 400 students across more than 30 majors, all while being completely virtual. Check out our website for more updates.


Coming In 2022

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