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Project Duration

June 2021 - August 2021
10 Weeks

Collaboration with Deloitte
My Role

Design Lead

Project Overview

SCADpro, an initiative by Savannah College of Art and Design, is a collaborative innovation studio that generates more than 50 industry-sponsored projects, pairing innovative companies with selected students, alumni, and professors.
We Were Asked To

1. Visualize modern Military families using existing research.

2. Create a compelling proposition that policy and programs must
evolve to meet the needs of modern Military families.

Our Solution

We developed an ecosystem that addresses the public's perception of the military and the Department of Defense's understanding of military families' needs through trend tracking, immersion and interaction.

Empathy Mapping
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Most of us had a connection to the military, whether that was a veteran family member or serving on the front lines ourselves. However, we understood that our stories are one in a million, and wanted to hear the stories of other military families.

We spoke with 35 people consisting of military members, spouses, military children and even recruiters. 

Our Insights
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Modern generations are skeptical. Younger generations increasingly lack trust in authority and are generally skeptical.

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Modern generations are rule breakers. They tend to have a general dislike of rules, like to move away form tradition ad have a strong apprehension of being controlled. 

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Modern generations seek individuality. These future generations break from the masses and are more interested in their own individual goals and aspirations.

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Modern generations are fast paced. Everything has always been at their fingertips, accessible instantly to them and any resource can be explored easily.

How Might We...

Depict the ever changing modern military families as well as their needs and characteristics?

Encourage the DoD to evolve their policies to fit the needs of military families?

Help encourage the DoD to make policy changes and, in turn, increase their current and future recruitment numbers?

Our Personae
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To help guide us through our concepts, we created a handful of persona that represents our insights.

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SPEX is a two part ecosystem made up of SPEX Series and SPEX System.

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SPEX System is a digital plugin that uses modern and future day trends to assist DoD policymakers in collaborative policy change.It is a cycle consisting of 3 phases which are Study, Plan and Evolve, that can be used for generations to keep the human being at the center of policy and program creation.

By applying and changing policies based on future trends and generations, the DoD will successfully be able to provide for future military families and increase their recruitment, retainment and military family readiness.

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SPEX Series aims to break down barriers between the military and civilians by educating the public on the value of the evolving military and creating a connection through relatability.

This project is part of an NDA agreement. I am excited to talk more about this project in an interview setting.