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Hi! I'm Lara.

I am a User Experience Designer at The Savannah College of Art and Design. I find inspiration in stories and lead my designs with empathy.



Use Your Mouth

UX Project

January-March, 2022

Normalize the conversation around sex and pleasure.

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Deloitte X SCADpro Collaboration

Industry Collaboration

June-August, 2021

Given 10 weeks, our multidisciplinary team of designers worked with Deloitte to accurately visualize the modern military family.

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UX Project

March-May, 2021

Recognizing a problem with employment during the rise of electric vehicles and designing a system to support local mechanics. 

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StartUp Co-Director

Design Competition


An inside look at co-directing SCAD's largest student run design competition.

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Product Design Internship

March-May, 2021

Collaborated with a multidisciplinary team of six to develop human centered solutions for a political grassroots outreach system.